Technical Directives

In the pharmaceutical industry, during the compression process, the steel is in constant contact with the powder (granulator, mixer, tablet press with tooling). Therefore stainless, food-safe, FDA certified 21 CFR 182 steels are required for compression tools.
The followings types of steel AISI 302, 303, 304, 316, 410, 416 and 440 comply with these demands.

AISI 440 steel has been chosen by SFOB Pharma because, in addition to all health requirements, it reaches hardness ranging from 56 to 58 HRC and making the powder compression tools especially resistant and robust.

This choice allows SFOB Pharma tooling to :

- Increase wear resistance

- To be washable in machines

- To better slid on the racks and compression rollers

- To permit re-polishing of the punches

- To increase lifetime

- To give non-sticky properties

ISO9001 V2015 :


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